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Kid's go Free for 40th of 2-Tone at Cov Music Museum [News]

Published: Monday, 07 January 2019

40 Yrs of 2 tone 2 tone village

So believe it or not this year we celebrate forty-years of the Coventry born music phenomenon that we call 2-Tone. Created in Coventry and given to the world.

Coventry is where it all began, so you can expect some unique events happening at the museum and at the 2-Tone Village all through 2019 and around Coventry and beyond. With a few surprises in store.

“A message to you too much too young”

Coventry history doesn’t start at Lady Godiva and end at the Blitz, our 2-Tone music history is just as important.  Its reach is multi-ranging, from music, art, fashion, social history, multiculturalism, socio-political and of course peace and reconciliation.  

With this in mind The Coventry Music Museum will make their museum accessible for children throughout 2019, for the 40th Anniversary of the  2-Tone movement. All children (fifteen and under) will be able to access the museum free of charge throughout 2019 (they of course must be accompanied by an adult). An information sheet will also be available at the museum that explains 2-Tone and the museum to the younger generation. We want to educate the next generations on 2-Tone, it's music and it's messages. 2-Tone is part of Coventry's history, and we want the next generations to learn about this wonderful music, a music genre that was created in Coventry and given to the world.  It’s our duty to educate and our pleasure to entertain, Let's teach them about 2-Tone music.

Museum Director Suky Singh said, "The museum is also keeping something else very special (pun intended) under wraps for 2019, we believe it will define the museum and take us to 2021 in style. It's also guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of the old and the young, watch this space".