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February fun for all the family [Coventry newsletter]

Published: Friday, 05 March 2021

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It has been a bleak January, to say the least, but there is still hope for the year ahead.

Along with our list of 21 things to look forward to in 2021, Coventry City of Culture Trust is set to announce the full 365-day programme of UK City of Culture 2021 at the beginning of March, and we couldn’t be more excited!

As lockdown restrictions continue, we have all been doing a bit more cooking at home. Coventry takeaways and restaurants are offering us ways to recreate our favourite restaurant-style food at from our own kitchens. From 'meal kits' to tried and tested recipes there are plenty of ways you and your family can test out your culinary skills. 

While UK residents are encouraged to stay local, visiting nearby open spaces can do wonders for your mental health and physical well-being. This February over 100 schools are taking part in Go Parks: Active Schools Challenge. While the prizes this time support Coventry’s schools, all residents within the city can enter to support a school of their choice.

We will be providing suggestions and updated information on what is available to you over the coming weeks; keep an eye out on our social channels for content: TwitterFacebook and Instagram

21 things to look forward to in 2021

Coventry city centre

We all know that 2020 was a year like no other. Thankfully, 2020 has finally come to an end, bringing with it the hope of a better year.

2021 might be full of uncertainty, but with these magnificent Coventry events on your radar, one thing is for sure, it will certainly be a lot more exciting!

We have put together a list of 21 things to look forward to and reasons to celebrate Coventry in 2021. From major sporting events to live music, theatre productions and art exhibitions, 2021 will give you the chance to rediscover all that Coventry has to offer.


Check out our blog on the Visit Coventry website.

Cooking at home with Coventry foodie businesses

Cooking at home

Encouraging children to take a more active role in choosing, preparing and cooking simple meals can help them eat a wider variety of foods. We’ve thought of a few ways you can get the kids involved and try some food-related activities at home in Coventry. 

Due to restaurants being closed for much of the last year, we’ve all been doing a bit more cooking at home. Thanks to some Coventry foodie businesses, there is help-on-hand with meal kits and advice on cooking at home being offered by Coventry restaurants doing dine at home kits, Coventry takeaways offering us ways to personalise our food, and some Coventry food retailers helping us get hands-on in the kitchen.  


Get inspiration from Coventry foodie businesses by reading our latest blog on the Visit Coventry website

Online lockdown activities


As the national lockdown continues, weekend activities and days-out to museums, art galleries and attractions feel like a distant memory. But being in lockdown again doesn't have to be boring. It’s time to change up your routine and get the creativity flowing. Discover the city's rich heritage and culture thanks to Coventry’s top attractions and museums who have created online experiences and activities to try from home.


The digital exhibitions, online craft tutorials and virtual dives into archives are a great chance for you to rediscover all Coventry has to offer and to remind you of what's to come when we can once again explore the city.

Plans to create a national Collections Centre have been announced

New Art ComplexThis exciting development could see Coventry City Council look to acquire and convert the former IKEA building in the city centre to create a National Collections Centre, contributing to a lasting physical, economic and cultural legacy from Coventry’s upcoming year as UK City of Culture.


If approved, the multi-million-pound project would become home to some of the country’s greatest works of art and provide greater public access to Coventry’s own cultural and heritage collections.


More information.

Go Parks

GoParkOver 100 schools are taking part in Go Parks: Active Schools Challenge. With 41 parks across the city - some with multiple QR code banners and posters - the challenge continues to provide a safe, yet fun way for all households in Coventry to get active while adhering to local guidelines.


Each QR code scan helps a school of choice to gain more points in the hope of winning sports equipment.


Continue to stay up to date on leader boards and Flash Challenges to support your local school by following Coventry Sport on Facebook and Twitter.

Community testing continues in Coventry

Lateral Flow

In order to understand the way COVID-19 is transmitted in communities and reduce its spread, community testing for Coronavirus is available to all Coventry residents, for anyone who is not showing symptoms of the virus. 

The locally-led service will test people without COVID-19 symptoms (asymptomatic) in Coventry using lateral flow antigen testing. The aim of testing people who do not have COVID-19 symptoms is to protect those most at risk, using rapid testing to speed up the process.

To find your nearest test centre, please visit the Coventry City Council website.

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, should immediately seek a free test in the normal way by calling 119 or visiting the NHS website

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