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A day of banana bread and blankets: a Coffee Architect's review

Published: Saturday, 18 February 2017

Coffee Architects

One of those wonderfully rare places where the food is as pretty as it is substantial.

A family-owned coffee shop along the Leamington high street is quite the find. I stumbled on it purely by accident one day last summer and am so very glad I did.

Coffee Architects has a strongly organic feel about it, with wooden tables and chairs in its cosy shop and long wooden tables and chairs in the courtyard out the back, complete with complimentary blankets whilst you eat and fairy lights to add to those dull days. Whilst the store is fairly new, it has rightly earned and evident popularity is a mark of its fantastic atmosphere and excellent service. However, the store itself, whilst wonderful, really is only the background detail to the incredible culinary delicacies that they have on offer here. I must point out here that when I say delicacies, I do not mean delicate, as the portion sizes are generous and even sometimes call to be put into a bag and taken home to finish – which is just the way I like it.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day here and the dish I always have (a slave to my previously well-satisfied taste-buds) is the Banana Toast – three deliciously thick slices of banana bread, served with slices of banana, berries and toffee sauce. Yes, it really is that good. However, I don’t want to let my sweet tooth cloud the overall picture of what’s on offer here – wholesome, healthy, incredibly tasty food with vegetarian, gluten free and vegan dishes are all on the menu. Soups, sandwiches, avocado toast, Billycan house beans, flatbread pizzas and a tapas salad bar all feature. If there is something on offer that you fancy but may not be suitable to your dietary requirements, the staff do urge you to let them know and they try their best to accommodate you.  

If a bite and a sip, rather than a munch and a glug is more what you’re looking for, Coffee Architects also offer slices of cake and a coffee (or a tea, or a hot chocolate, or a juice, whatever you fancy) to enjoy inside or on the go. The offerings change regularly and feature typical favourites such as Chocolate Fudge and Lemon Drizzle, plus more diverse flavours such as Raspberry and Orange, Lime and Pistachio and Blueberry and Lemon. There are also croissants, tarts, savoury pastries, pies, chunks of shortbread and brownie to enjoy, so checking back often is always a good idea. I am sure that this article has made it pretty clear that coffee architects is one of my favourite places to visit; with their passion for simple, good food it’s pretty hard not to love them. The one thing I would say though is to try and get there on a week day or earlier than the norm on a weekend to avoid disappointment as I’m not the only one who rates them so highly and it definitely shows.