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Exploring Eliot's Coventry

Exploring Eliot's Coventry [Venue Temporarily Closed]

Date: 01 November 2020 - 03 January 2021

Every day

Location: Herbert Art Gallery & Museum Jordan Well, Coventry, CV1 5QP

Cost: Free

The Herbert is celebrating 200 years since the birth of author George Eliot with a new display about her connections with Coventry.

Find out about George Eliot life and friends and how the city itself influenced her work.

This item has been loaned as part of the British Library’s Treasures on Tour programme, which is generously supported by the Helen Hamlyn Trust. From da Vinci’s notebooks and Jane Austen’s writings to rare sacred texts and the earliest newspapers, the British Library works with partners across the world to share its collection of over 170 million treasures, inspiring the next great idea or moment of joyful discovery.

Visitors will also get the chance to see her writing desk, a copy of the original painting of Eliot by Durade, her stationary cabinet and writing board which would have been used in creating her famous works.

Alongside Eliot’s items and clothing, there are original copies of local studies on the author and reproductions of the real-life residents who inspired characters in her works.  

There’s also the chance to see beyond her work to the inspiration she took from Coventry and her friends in the city, including Cara and Charles Bray who she frequently visited at Rosehill in the city.  

For more information on this exhibition, please visit the Herbert Art Gallery website.

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