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Escape Live


Located at Fargo Village, Escape Live offers a unique form of entertainment in which 2-20 people venture into a fully immersive world where they must crack codes, solve puzzles and work together in order to unlock the mystery and escape the room.

Dive head first into a high profile Casino Heist room and not only escape but do so with as much money as you can! But what happens if you fail the mission, then you may be thrown in jail and have to escape. Venture into our Prison Break room and do just that! Or maybe you are more of the hero type? Journey deep into our secret nuclear bunker and help save the world from total annihilation in our room Armageddon!

Unlock your imagination and begin your adventure with Escape Live today.

Address: FarGo Village, Coventry CV1 2HW



Phone Number

+44(0)24 7767 4646