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Swanswell Gate


Swanswell Gate is one of only two surviving 14th century gatehouses of an original twelve that once punctuated Coventry’s medieval city wall. Today, Swanswell Gate and Cook Street Gate stand in the city centre, separated by one of the last surviving sections of medieval city wall and surrounded by Lady Herbert’s Garden. The gates are Grade I listed and have recently been brought back into use by Historic Coventry Trust. Both buildings have been fully restored, with each gate being adapted into unique holiday accommodation in a modern style.

Swanswell Gate is also known in times gone by as ‘Priory Gate’. A large portion of wall still extends from this gate, finishing its run just short of Cook Street gate situated one hundred yards north. Its earlier reference as Priory Gate was because it gave entrance to the prior's own land and fishing pool.

As well as being available for a unique stay in a fairy-tale medieval gatehouse, the gates are also opened for all to visit on Open Days.

Address: Hales St, Coventry, CV1 1JD