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Cook Street Gate


In 1329 Edward III gave permission to the 'goodmen' of Coventry and the Prior of St Mary's to build a town wall around Coventry. Until that point Coventry had been defended by ditches, with moveable barred gates controlling access along major transport routes.

The walls stretched over two miles and were composed of two outer skins of red sandstone infilled with rubble. When complete the walls stood 12 feet high and were 8 feet thick, creating an impressive defensive barrier.

Forming part of the old Coventry wall, Cook Street Gate can be found at the very top of Lady Herbert's Garden and looks out across Chauntry Place.

The gate was built around 1385 and presented to the city by W.F Wyley in 1913. If you look at the top of the gates you may notice that the battlements look like they have been restored or added recently - in fact these were built around 1931-32. As you pass through the gate, if you look up, you will see an exquisite wooden carving of the Coventry emblem inside.

Address: Cook Street, Coventry City Centre, CV1 1JN