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Turmeric Gold

Turmeric Gold... Coventry's most exclusive Indian restaurant. Their unique dinning approach is fantastic. Turmeric Gold's food, ambience and great service will leave you and your guests with enchanting a memorable experience. Everything they create in the kitchen is carefully thought and prepared with sublime flavours and texture. Turmeric Gold aim to enhance and elevate the Indian classic with their own unique refreshing interpretation. Turmeric Gold has been established more than a decade, yet always been on the front of the Indian restaurant scene in the Midlands and UK and inspiring many. Winning many awards and plaudits over the years, it has firmly cemented a reputation for anyone who enjoys good food to visit Turmeric Gold.

Address: 166 Spon Street, Coventry City Centre, CV1 3BB




Phone Number

+44 (0)24 7622 6603