Lunt Roman Fort

Lunt romanfort

It's A.D. 60; the Iceni of East Anglia led by the legendary Boudica have rebelled against Roman rule, and have just been defeated in a terrible battle fought somewhere in the Midlands. As a result, the Romans are building a series of fortifications across the Midlands, including the Lunt. Come and explore this partially-reconstructed timber fort.

Stand on the ramparts, explore the exhibition in the granary and imagine yourself training horses in the gyrus - a feature not found anywhere else in the Roman Empire. The Lunt Roman Fort is only open during select Coventry school holidays. Please visit for more information about opening hours. Members of the public are not able to access the site during Coventry term times.

Address: Coventry Rd, Baginton, Coventry CV8 3AJ
Phone number: +44(0)24 7623 7522