St. Mary's Guildhall

St mary s guild hall 1

St. Mary's Guildhall is currently closed for renovations and will reopen in Spring 2022. You can find out more about this project on St. Mary's Guildhall website. 

Death, intrigue, scandal and spilt custard...are not compulsory when you visit St. Mary's Guildhall, but can be discovered in more than 600 years worth of stories from the finest medieval guildhall in the country. Located in the city's historic Cathedral Quarter, St. Mary's Guildhall miraculously survived the Second World War bombing raids, and stands as a monument to the power and wealth of medieval Coventry. With magnificent interiors, collections of armour, historic furniture, artworks and internationally important tapestries, the Guildhall offers a window into Coventry's glorious past. A prison to Mary, Queen of Scots, a theatre for Shakespeare and an inspiration to George Eliot, St. Mary's Guildhall is a fascinating experience for all ages, at the historic heart of the city of Coventry.

Address: Bayley Ln, Coventry CV1 5RN
Phone: +44(0)24 7683 3328