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We are European City of Sport [News]

We are European City of Sport [News]

Published: Friday, 11 January 2019

Coventry’s reign as a European City of Sport is officially underway. A packed launch heard of a year ahead packed full of events.

Food and drink news

A day of banana bread and blankets: a Coffee Architect's review

One of those wonderfully rare places where the food is as pretty as it is substantial.

Travel and maps news

Making travel plans for BBC Music's Biggest Weekend

BBC Music’s Biggest Weekend is getting close so it’s time for ticket-holders to plan their journeys to and from the event site. Travelling to the event is made simple with the site being located close

What's on news

Masterpiece goes on display at Coventry museum

One of the greatest Post-Impressionist masterpieces will be on display in Coventry this autumn.

News and views news

Kid's go Free for 40th of 2-Tone at Cov Music Museum

So believe it or not this year we celebrate forty-years of the Coventry born music phenomenon that we call 2-Tone. Created in Coventry and given to the world.