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Mother's Day in Coventry

Mother's Day in Coventry

Published: Friday, 01 March 2019

Mother’s Day is just round the corner on Sunday 31 March.

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Making travel plans for BBC Music's Biggest Weekend

BBC Music’s Biggest Weekend is getting close so it’s time for ticket-holders to plan their journeys to and from the event site. Travelling to the event is made simple with the site being located close

Food and drink news

A day of banana bread and blankets: a Coffee Architect's review

One of those wonderfully rare places where the food is as pretty as it is substantial.

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Masterpiece goes on display at Coventry museum

One of the greatest Post-Impressionist masterpieces will be on display in Coventry this autumn.

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Pancake Day in Coventry

Pancake Day is round the corner and Coventry is home to venues who offer delicious sweet and savoury pancakes.